Sticks: A Love Story (also: Felicia, Adam & Eli)


I have known Felicia since grade 4, and oh… the stories we could tell about the schoolmates we had, the teachers who taught us and the many, many adventures in life that we’ve had along the way. She’s the kind of person that leaves an impression on everyone she meets. Adam also has quite the distinct character (he’s known as The Clapper around these parts thanks to his sweet dance moves). They are a hilarious pair and couldn’t be more opposite in the absolute best way. And so, unsurprisingly, when Eli came along, he turned out to be just as unique and funny as his parents are. For example: he really loves sticks? He insisted on holding as many sticks as possible at all times. We even threw sticks across the field and told him to fetch on more than one occasion in order to get him to face the camera. It worked every time. One thing is for sure about these friends of mine- there is no shortage of personality between the three of them! Love you guys!