Lindsay, Craig & Palmer

Miss Palmer turned one yesterday, and what better way to commemorate your very first birthday than with a photo shoot? We did an epic three-part shoot for this little beauty and her parents and I couldn't have had more fun with these three! We started out at the pumpkin patch at Willowtree Farms, headed back to Curr-Burr residence for a simple, heartfelt cupcake smash and then out to a beautiful walkway for photos of all three of their clan on the water a couple of days later. Palmer did not disappoint and graced us with all of her many, many, many facial expressions throughout. 

During their family session on the boardwalk, we had a bit of an unexpected adventure when Palmer's shoe fell off in the middle of a photo and in to the marsh 10 feet below. The second we realized, Linds and I locked eyes with a knowing look that said, "Craig is TOTALLY going to try and get this shoe out"Before we could even verbalize it, Craig had already taken off to find a giant stick. We know him too well! Not long after, he impressively hooked the shoe on the branch and Linds got down to try and grab it before it got knocked off by a reed. Palmer chipped in to help in the only way she knew how, which was by climbing on to Lindsay's back, ha! It was a full family effort!

Naturally, I snapped pictures during the whole ordeal. instead of offering to help. 

Scroll down to find out if the shoe was recovered!